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Escuela Anunciata

Quiche Indian Mission

The Quiche Indian Mission girls’ home and school is located in Chichicastenango, Guatemala (“Chichi”). Both are administered by the Internado de Niñas Indígenas (literally “Indian girls’ boarding”). In addition, children from poor families in the area also attend. The school portion of the program is co-educational, but the boarding facility is just for girls. World’s Children supports girls from poor families in rural Guatemala to attend this boarding school and complete their education.

The Los Romeritos Dental Team from Portland, Oregon frequently visits Guatemala to operate free dental clinics in low-income villages. In October 2010, they visited Internado de Niñas Indígenas (the Quiche Indian Mission). We thought you might enjoy reading a brief report from the team about their visit.

Sister Josefina

Location & Leadership

Sister Josefina Fernandez (pictured) has been administering the Quiche School for 20 of its 40 years. She is a nun from Spain. The Los Romeritos Dental Team described her as “smart, thoughtful, kind, strong, and seeming to have all parts of the school and orphanage running quite smoothly.”

Entering from the street

The visit

The Los Romeritos Dental Team met with Sister Josefina and received a complete tour of both the girls’ home and the school. Students in Guatemala enjoy a winter break rather than a summer vacation. Because the team came to Guatemala at the start of winter vacation, they missed seeing most of the children but they did meet many of the staff and teachers and a few of the children who were helping out during the holiday.

“We found the school and facilities to be immaculate, well-maintained and unusually orderly compared with schools we had seen elsewhere during this trip to Guatemala.”

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