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Tara’s Story


Tara was born into a poor family in India. Her parents were farmers stricken by drought. They brought Tara to the hostel when she was seven years old because they were struggling to raise their six children. They also valued the good education, care and love Tara would receive there.

A couple in the US has been supporting Tara for 14 years and this couple has been sponsoring children through World’s Children for 20 years. They currently sponsor four children. When they heard that Tara wanted to study nursing and midwifery, they agreed wholeheartedly to continue her support. Tara began her first year of nursing college in 2010 as a student of Auxilliary Nursing Midwifery. She completed the course and graduated in 2012. She is now well on her way to a bright and successful future.

In her last letter to her sponsor, Tara wrote: “…I have finished my training through your kind help. My family members are very grateful to you. Once again I am thanking you for your love and sacrificial support. Your loving daughter, Tara”


2 Responses to Tara’s Story

  1. sr.joshna palepu December 8, 2012 at 5:16 am #

    Dear friends,
    it is very touching story.u have given life and i am sure she will in turn give life to many.may God Bless people who shaped her life.

  2. Fr.Joseph April 25, 2013 at 12:27 am #

    Sponsoring for the education of a child is like giving life to a society and make it enlightened one. When you educate a boy you are educating only one but when you educate a girl you are educating the whole family. One of our tamil poet would say it is better to educate a child than building temples and feeding thousands of people. Thank you very much sponsors for your great sacrifice in making this child a nurse.

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