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Children’s Health

How to Improve Children’s Health

Improving children’s health in developing countries is a challenge. We noticed that the administrators and childcare workers at the orphanages that we support needed a solution to help them prevent and detect common childhood ailments, particularly if there are no nurses on staff. We decided to create a manual for our child care workers in India called:

The Healthy Child Handbook:
A Guide to Childhood Wellness in Developing Countries

written and illustrated by Cassady Thomas and Lauren Hughey

Healthy Child Handbook Cover


“This handbook was initially meant to provide medical information to the orphanages and hostels that World’s Children supports, primarily in India. But as word has spread about the book and demand for it has grown, we realize that it really is for any child-care worker who may not always have access to a trained medical professional or the financial resources to seek medical attention. We believe that all children should receive medical care when it is needed, and that each and every child deserves to have health, safety, nutrition, education, and happiness in his or her life. It is our hope that this book will help you not only to treat disease when it occurs, but to prevent it from occurring in the first place through good hygiene and sanitation, adequate nutrition, and vaccination against common childhood diseases…” –Cassady Thomas

If you would like more information about how to receive a copy of The Healthy Child Handbook, please contact us. We have also created a companion coloring book as we found that the children themselves are very interested in children’s health. We plan to create editions for other developing countries in the future. Click on the book cover to see the Table of Contents.

Healthy Children Are Happy Children.
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