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2016 Campaign – No Place like Home

Announcing our 2016 Annual Campaign

No Place Like Home 2016 Campaign

We might share a common sense of what we mean when we say “There’s no place like home,” even though our stories are diverse. But memories of home for many of the children we support might look like the photos below. That is why we are asking for your help with our 2016 Campaign – No Place like Home.

Street Kids' Home

Street Kids

For many of the children, this is what home looked like

2016 Campaign Needs

Every year we ask you to help make the orphanages more home-like by giving a little extra to improve the children’s lives. You have done so much over the years to make their lives better. Every time we visit the homes we are overwhelmed by the gratitude the children express for what you have done. So many lives uplifted.


Athipet needs a new toilet facility

Athipet Children’s Home needs a new toilet facility

“The younger girls are using the open area for defecating (because there aren’t enough toilets for 250 girls). The boys’ orphanage is located just opposite to the girls’ home and a little above it on a hill and has a clear view of the girls’ home. There is a serious concern about the safety of the girls as the boys can see what happens, hence the sisters have asked to increase the number of toilets.”   — Shobha, WC India Country Director

Please join us

We have many compelling infrastructure needs like the toilet request you see above. So we ask you to give a little extra to help make their home a place they will always remember fondly.




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